I remember being in prayer over a period of time, seeking God for some kind of image that would express the extravagance and bigness of his generous heart. I was doodling with all the creativity that I could muster from my soul, scrunching paper balls, one after another, with all my failed designs. My office looked like a hamster’s cage! I even remember heart-shaping the globe, feeling the press from the scripture, “God so loved the world…”, and thinking that He has the world in His heart…

... and then, it was like this whisper said to my heart, “It’s bigger than that." Bigger than the world that you love so much?

And then this voice to answer, “Why don’t you put Me in the heart?” I laughed! I said, “Great. Thank You very much! That means my heart will be blank!” (reasoning, of course, from the Scripture, that no man has seen GOD) and I remember taking my pencil, and drawing these two petal-like shapes, intersecting them, and seeing this heart-shape begin to form, making 3 distinct segments to the design. My Theological mind began to dance with thoughts of the Trinity, the One GOD! Oh, the thrill of finding my hand effortlessly “moved”, either by inspiration, or imagination – I don’t know. Either way, I was delighted with how GOD wanted the heart filled, as I began to put the
“G” into place, then the “O”, and then the “D”!

... And then I looked… and looked… and looked… I was stunned by the completeness of the design! I said,
“Gosh, GOD! One really cannot get a bigger HEART than that! Thank you so much!”


And so this understanding feathered my soul.

This is the heart of God   

- This is God in your heart   

- This is the love of God

- This is you loving God with all your heart   

- GOD is LOVE!