In this clip, you will hear a guy say, “I like the way you are shaking”

And then he says, “Step out to the edge”

Followed by, “Stand up straight”,


You know, when you have to reinvent your life, and engage in a whole new venture, it’s a real leap of faith, isn’t it? And it can be really scary!

Like, your knees are knocking!

You have to step out to the edge, but your terrified

You’re told to stand up straight, but you are still leaning back in hesitation

And then there’s the countdown to launching over the edge

And it’s “JUMP! JUMP!”

And you hope to GOD that He is a lifeline, and that He keeps you and your family safe


And that’s really how GODbrand has emerged. We’ve jumped off the edge, in the hope that people around the world will discover, thru our iconic faith-logo, that GOD IS LOVE, that God loves people with all of His heart, and that GOD wants to live in their heart.


We would be so grateful to you for your help in spreading the LOVE, because the truth is, we still shaking! So, thank you very much for choosing GODbrand.com! God bless you!

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