As beautiful as this world is around us, and it is truly beautiful, a lot of us can see, and hear, the cries of pain, can’t we? Some of us are even in that very pain right now. But there have been A FEW noble soldiers, past and present, who have seen and heard the cries of humanity more as “labour pains”, and have taken up a kind of “midwife” role over all the trauma, interpreting the need as an opportunity to give birth to some of the greatest relief initiatives on our planet, Someone said, “Necessity is the MOTHER of invention”, perhaps more accurately here as the “MOTHER of Intervention”! and they have let compassion reign! And the world is a better place because of them.


My birthing-picture here is really close to home for me, because I’ve taken the role of midwife in delivering my own children, and I’ve helped Vanya, my wife, birth, what I consider to be 3 of the most beautiful humans on the planet! And they’re all very different: Evangeline, for instance, is deeply compassionate, missionary-hearted, sacrificially generous, and loves children and orphans; Aquilla is creative, musical and academically brilliant, warm and friendly; Guinevere is a bright button, filled with reason, logic, advocacy, justice, and is deeply merciful. It is clear that they will answer different needs with their respective lives, and the world will be better place because of them.


I’m giving you this picture to show that beautiful things can be born out of pain, and for all the pain that is in our travailing world, “midwife-types” have assisted in birthing some really significant answers to the humanitarian crisis.


But let me take you back to Guinevere for a moment – we nearly lost her at birth because of some health complications – and we nearly lost mom too, my bride, but they were both rescued by intervention! And somewhere in the course of human history, we have lost the “mother” of these “children”, these beautiful relief initiatives that we support and celebrate. Organizations that care for the poor, care for the environment, care for the frail, the sick and the aging, care for the blind, care for the hungry, famine and disaster relief, medical care, hospitals, education, human trafficking intervention – you name it. And the world is a better place because of them! So, at GODbrand NPC we have asked the question: Who is the mother of these children? If we are enjoying the fruit, then where is the tree and the root? Because if we look after the tree, there is going to be more fruit. Yes?


And that is our passionate goal at GODbrand, to nourish the root of all of these significant initiatives. It only takes a cursory glance through history to discover that the Church, in fact, is the mother of these children! And yet, we have found that, as time goes on, the children are celebrated, and the mother is forgotten, sometimes left dying on the delivery table. Therefore, GODbrand’s focused mission is to rescue the mother, God’s bride, the church, by intervention. It was Cyprian, one of the early Christian fathers and martyrs, who said, “If we will not have the church as our mother, we cannot have God as our Father!”


Therefore, we are passionately committed to the mission of sacrificial generosity, in bringing financial relief thru all of our proceeds, whether by sales or donations, to help fund Church planting entrepreneurs, pioneering missionaries, specifically. We do not support those who safely hold onto their jobs, while dabbling in the pastorate. We support those who lay down their lives for God’s flock, as the first requirement of a true shepherd. In fact, the Bible says, “Pastors who do their work well should be paid well, and should be highjly appreciated, especially those who work hard at both preaching and teaching. For the Scripture say, “Don’t muzzle the ox while it is treading out your grain,” and, “The worker deserves his wages.”


And so, we know that by directing our resources in this way, we are caring for the apple of God’s eye, His bride, an apple tree, no doubt, that will continue to produce fruitful, compassionate initiatives throughout the world!


Would you help us with this? Will you become a GODbrand Philanthropist? There are hidden figures in our midst, forgotten people, true pastors, who have sacrificed everything to pioneer churches that will become what they always have been thru preaching, the resource centres for humanitarian initiative, the mothers of all kindness, the root of the fruit of philanthropy! Let’s intervene!


You are able to act right now, and in the days ahead, thru our YouCaring Crowdfunding platform,, and you can visit our website,, where you can sign up as a GODbrand Philanthropist, source my blog, purchase our high quality products, and become the owner the most beautiful logo on the people’s planet!


Thanks for listening to me. Let’s change the world with the love of God.

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